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The Perfect Weekend in Bordeaux - Ultimate Guide by a Local

Friday Morning

Your Bordeaux weekend has got to start off in the historical heart of the city – the old town. First things first, head to one of the bakeries for a famous chocolatine or croissant. Yes, in Bordeaux we say chocolatine, not pain au chocolate. Then find a coffee shop to get a genuine cappuccino and you’re officially in the Bordeaux rhythm. 

Explore the stunning historical centre, home to the iconic Bordelais landmarks. Make sure you check off these must-see spots:

Feel like adventuring on your own? Go for it. But if you want to be shown Bordeaux by a local, check out and book a private tour with Sophia – you’ll love her, she has excellent reviews. 

After soaking in the historical goodness, refuel at a typical French bistro for some delicious French cuisine. If you need some pointers, a locals tip on where to go, think of downloading our Bordeaux Food Guide here to help you throughout your stay in Bordeaux. 

Friday Afternoon

For your first afternoon in Bordeaux you should head to an area called the Chartrons. This quintessential French neighbourhood is what you’d imagine in the movies. The main street is called Rue Notre Dame where you’ll find many small independent shops, cafes dotted throughout and chic French vibes that fill the atmosphere.

There’s not an awful lot to do here other than wander around, grab a coffee and discover the various boutiques. It’s such a beautiful neighbourhood, make sure not to miss it! There’s also a small museum called the Musée de Vin et du Négoce de Bordeaux focused on the history of wine in Bordeaux and specifically the Chartrons which ends with a little wine tasting. Excellent way to end the day. 

Saturday Morning

Rise and shine, it’s vineyard time! Get out of the city and checkout, the Airbnb for châteaux visits. There’s no need for tour companies – book directly and choose from a bunch of châteaux in the Bordeaux region.

If you’ve got your own transport, you’ve got so much choice. If you only have the use of public transport, Château du Taillan is our solid favourite and is just a bus ride away from the city centre. 

Saturday Afternoon

Once you come back to the city, time to check out another neighbourhood and head to the up and coming area called Bacalan. The home of the famous Bordeaux Wine Museum – La Cité du Vin. Here you could spend an hour or two. 

If museums aren’t really your thing why not walk round the port and then head for an apéro (that’s French for pre-dinner drinks and snacks) at Halles de Bacalan. 

Sunday Morning

If you’re lucky enough to be in Bordeaux on a Sunday morning then there is only one place you should be and that is the neighbourhood of St Michel. 

From around 10am you will find two of the most wonderful markets. The first is a flea market situated on Place Canteloup full of everything and anything yet hidden amongst are some absolute treasures. A great place to get some unique memorabilia from your time in Bordeaux. 

Once you’ve finished mooching around here, head to the nearby food market called Marché des Capucins. Known for generations as the stomach of Bordeaux, here you will relish in the hustle and bustle of a thriving local market. Enjoy a variety of food including oysters, mussels, Basque pintxos, etc. A perfect spot to sit and watch the world go by.  

Sunday Afternoon

With full stomachs, time to channel your inner Bordelais and do the famous two-bridge walk, crossing both the stone bridge and the famous vertical lift (Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas) bridge with a stop off at Darwin as you go. 

Darwin is situated in the La Bastide neighbourhood on the other side of the river. A former military barracks which is now eco-rehabilitated and has become one of the most visited places in the city. This is the ultimate hipster spot in Bordeaux, giving Berlin type vibes. Perfect place to enjoy a coffee or grab something from their excellent bakery. 

And there you have it – a local’s guide to having the BEST weekend in Bordeaux. From historical wonders and château dreams to flea market treasures and hipster vibes, Bordeaux’s got it all.

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